February 9, 2017 Tour

On Thursday, February 9, we took a ski-tour up to the North London Mill and to the upper terminal of the historic tramway. 

We did a thorough snowpack analysis, which, on that day, revealed an acceptable level of stability. 

Many thanks to our guide, backcountry-guru Fritz Sperry, who wrote the book on Making Turns in the Ten Mile and MosquitoRange. Check out his website makingturns.com

We are now actively fundraising for the restoration of the North London Office, which we hope to have functioning as a backcountry hut as early as the fall of 2018. We are applying for a $35,000 grant from History Colorado - but will require 25% matching funds ($8,750). Your contributions are tax-deductible. Please consider making a donation today, using our PayPal link above. A contribution at the Gold level ($125) will get you a Mosquito Pass hat! Of course, larger contributions are welcome - please contact us if you would like to become a Benefactor of North London Preservation Inc.