The North London Mill Site is an easy, 2-mile tour in along Mosquito Gulch. As you pass along the north-eastern side of majestic London Mountain, the view opens up to a spectacular alpine basin.

The terrain offers something for everyone, from steep, 2,000' decents from the surrounding peaks, to tree-skiing, lower-angle meadow skipping, and gentle touring. The huts can serve as a base to explore some big-mountain terrain, including neighboring 14ers; more gentle terrain immediately surrounding the North London Mill site is appropriate for any skill level.

Mid-winter conditions at Mosquito Pass can be harsh, but the huts will provide shelter from the elements and comfort in any conditions. In the spring, when the snowpack stabilizes and winter conditions recede, backcountry skiers will be treated to an extended season that may continue from March into June. 

Fritz Sperry, February 2017 Snowpack Analysis
We are partnering with established outfitters and guides to provide equipment and guiding to backcountry skiers who want to ‘earn their turns,’ ascending and descending using human-power (a growing niche of the skiing market). We will serve both seasoned backcountry skiers and novices who want to learn the skills and try out the equipment to access ungroomed backcountry terrain safely. There is also terrain perfect for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. 
Working with community partners, we will offer programs studying natural systems, backcountry wilderness survival and preservation, and snow-sports skills. We aim to become a center for training and guidance in snow safety and avalanche awareness. 

Here are some shots from our March 28, 2017 tour with Fritz Sperry and folks from Backcountry Magazine:

Here's Fritz gettin' after it on The Wave on London Mountain: