North London Office
In relatively good condition, the North London Office once served as an office to the North London Mining Company. We hope to restore it in 2018 to be utilized as a backcountry hut, similar to those of the
10th Mountain Division Hut System, which would be available to the public for overnight use. We are working closely with the Park County Offices of Planning and Zoning, Historic Preservation, and Recreation Development in order to make this a reality. Depending on the demand for spaces in this pilot project, we will consider restoring other historic structures on the site for use as backcountry huts. 

A Fixer-Upper at the base of London Mountain

The Bunkhouse Once Stood at the Top of the Tramway that Served the North London Mill

Gates Hut, Eagle County, CO

McNamara Hut, Pitkin County, CO

All structures will be designed with sustainability in mind. Any development will be pursued with a commitment to preserving the historic character of the site, as well as addressing the long-term environmental impact of the mining industry through voluntary clean-up efforts and responsible stewardship of the land, air, and water.

Whether it was a big day on the mountain or a tough day at work, a Bathouse and Sauna will offer locals and visitors a chance to relax and restore.